Hello Folks!

We just wanted to point out one thing that was buried at the bottom of the call out, and maybe not prominent enough.

For many of us it is becoming increasingly obvious that civilisation cannot be redeemed or fixed. One look at the nightly news, or our fractured communities, or the devastated environmental landscape around us is proof enough. We do not wish to waste time and energy having to defend ourselves against any workerist/leftist/reformist classical ‘anarchists’ again. For this reason we will not be dwelling on basic anti-civilisation theory for too long (instead there is a list of excellent readings at the end of this page). We are ready to move past this phase and onto a practical response to our civilised reality.”

We feel that maybe we had not been direct enough with our initial call out. We were expecting maybe a few old-school anarchists to take shots at us, but several other reformist, repressive elements have started in on us already…so to make it perfectly clear…

FIERCE DREAMS IS AGAINST CIVILISATION! We want it gone, we want to destroy all of its institutions, and we want to dance in the ashes! We have had to point this out to several acquaintances and folks who have contacted us so far. As for defending ourselves against workerist and classical anarchists, we have had to do a lot of this already. For other activists considering coming along who argue for minor tweaks of the system, or people who have no idea about anarchoprimitivism/green anarchy but want to turn up with some kind of motive or agenda, don’t bother!

We won’t be wasting time talking about sustainable agriculture, technological ‘solutions’, fine-tuning democracy, or scaling back industrialism to a less damaging level. We are against the totality of this death machine, especially domestication, mass society, and the entire techno-industrial complex. We are against these things on principal and don’t wish to go ‘back to square one’. If this doesn’t sit well with you, and you want to dispute it endlessly, then this is not the right space for you. There are plenty of spaces and conferences to discuss ‘environmental politics’ or ‘social justice’. There is currently NO space explicitly for green anarchists and their friends to question technology and civilisation in Australia, and we are trying to carve that out for ourselves at Fierce Dreams.

It’s fine for people who are not completely on board to come and have a dialogue about these concepts. We aren’t trying to control the course of the gathering (we can’t); we are just letting folks know exactly where we stand and why this is happening. Some people may not identify as an anarchist themselves, of course. But please be respectful of the green anarchist community, as well as other radical and dissident currents, and the overall vision for Fierce Dreams. We want to discuss different ideas of resistance to domination, personal liberation, and ways to protect the wildness that is still left on this planet and inside ourselves. So we ask that you don’t turn up to hijack or derail the conversations if you aren’t interested in coming down this path with us. We will be really disappointed and frustrated if folks turn up to enforce some kind of watered down, repressive, lefty ideology on the event. It won’t work on us anyway.

Oh, and for all the radicals/anarchists who do want to break with the system, who do reject reformism and organised channels of ‘resistance’, and who are disgusted with the project of civilisation, sharpen up on your analysis and get ready for some good discussions (in between primitive skills, bird watching, and siestas, of course) . Bring the war on!!


I guess we have been pretty slack with the ‘intro’ green anarchy articles, but there is a bunch of readings at the end. Some of you won’t need it at all but some may use this as a basis to understand where we are coming from. We would HIGHLY recommend ‘Why Civilisation? Back to Basics’ (http://www.jesusradicals.com/wp-content/uploads/back-to-basics.pdf) as a great starting point, and there is other suggested readings at the end of it. Or you could go to zinelibrary.info and in the section that says ‘Anti-Civilization’ there is a ton of information at your fingertips. So much stuff is out there now it’s hard to pin down just one or two readings. Anyway, after a certain amount of ideas, it’s time for action and the real world application…

We are extremely excited about this event and we thank the people who are getting in touch, offering us support and assistance and their well wishes! We love you!


FD Collective.


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