primitivism flyer

Alright, so one person, or maybe a few people, associated with Black Rose in Sydney have taken it upon themselves to reach out and have a discussion in the city about anarchoprimitivism and anti-civilisation theory. Although they reached out to us and tried to include us no one from the Fierce Dreams collective can make it to this, it’s on Thursday 31st October, so in two days time. But anyone reading this that lives in Sydney should get down there and join in. They asked for readings that we would suggest and we said these two would kick off a good discussion, ‘Anarchy – A Short Primer’ and the ‘Green Anarchy – Back to Basics’ (links at the bottom of page). In December they are going to have another discussion night and some more of us Fierce Dreams folks will be along for that one. We appreciate this person making the effort to patch things up and recognising that a lot of folks in the Sydney area are interested in talking about these topics. It’s a really good start, and very cool to see someone taking some initiative. We hope it goes well.


‘Back to Basics – What is Green

‘Anarchy a small primer’


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