There is a great sounding event coming up in the Phillipines. Here are some quotes from the call-out and the details that we have so far. We support these guys and hope that it goes really well! Very exciting stuff.

February 7-9 2014 – “Another World is Possible”, Autonomous Alternative Festival.

1st day of the gathering would be: presentation of anarchist struggle in the Philippines and abroad,critique and analysis

2nd day would be: gig, poetry night, performances and film screenings.

3rd day is camping, face to face dialogues,sharing of ideas and building
networks onward.



(February, Naga City Philippines)

“The present condition of civilization must be questioned, Crisis like
Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, Climate Change, Corporate Environmental
Destruction is not tolerable, the Advent of human and animal exploitation
of the modern scheme of progress must be questioned. Alternatives Must
Arise from us, So i am Calling all Interested Participants, Scientist,
Engineers, Autonomous Activists, Gardeners, Community Organizers,
Artists, Teachers and everyone. Lets have a dialogue, share practical ideas and
learn from each other, anyways we are all the children of the Earth.”
-Leon Guevara

For more information and additional proposal, email me: 0r call me @ +639056434562


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