wild at heart final no address

This discussion night has been finalised, its on at a venue called the Hat Factory on the 20th of December, and the Fierce Dreams collective sincerely thank the people involved for organising it. They are trying hard to make it a positive and interesting event. Also they are making food and this will be available after the discussion. So you might want to have a snack beforehand.

We just wanna say one thing. If you really think that civilisation is sailing along fine, then that’s OK and you could outline why. But please have some sort of analysis and please don’t rely on your ‘sneaky’ hipflask of liquor or your ‘lemonade can’ to have the courage to express it. Please don’t show up and start talking if you’ve been drinking. The discussion goes from 7PM til about 9 or 10PM so you could always hit the bar afterward. This is not too much to ask.

Check this site before Friday if you can… if something changes we will post here.

If you need more details email us.

See you there, hopefully.

For the wild ones.

FD Collective.


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