This is a link to a recent interview with prominent anarcho-primitivist anthropologist Layla Abdel Rahim, author of recent book ‘Wild Children, Domesticated Dreams’. Layla’s work centres around domestication, the role of  education, and how they help make us functioning parts of mass society. Layla has some very strong and well-researched theory  but continues to write with her own voice, allowing her to reach beyond the confines of academia, and it comes across in this interview. The  longest response is where they ask about red anarchism, and she adds another nail to the coffin of anarcholeftism and leftism intellectualism. It’s just a pity they keep crawling out.

Layla Abdel Rahim interviewhttp://anarchistnews.org/content/interview-layla-abdelrahim-anarcho-primitivism-and-red-anarchism


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