“Anarchism is an idea about what’s the best way to live. Anarchy is the name for that way of living.

Anarchism is the idea that the state (government) is unnecessary and harmful. Anarchy is a society without government. Anarchists are people who believe in anarchism and desire for us all to live in anarchy (as all our ancestors did for at least a million years).

People who believe in government (such as liberals, conservatives, socialists and fascists) are known as ‘statists’. Anarchists appreciate that statists don’t appreciate that statists don’t believe all the same things. Some of their differences with eachother are important. But the most important difference of all is between what they believe in- the state- and what anarchists believe in – anarchy.”  Bob Black – Defacing the Currency

Again Fierce Dreams caused a kafuffle and upset the Sydney Anarchist ‘Scene’ before we even arrived there. We were denied a table at the Sydney Anarchist Bookfair (22nd of March in Marrickville) because we are against civilisation and interested in green anarchy/anarchoprimitivism. The later emails from the collective attempted to backpedal and blame it on other factors (such as a deadline which was published nowhere on the website – a top secret deadline!). They pretended that we asked for a free table (we did not).

Alas, they had already let the cat of the bag; they admitted they don’t want anyone there questioning civilisation, domestication or technology. The other groups who were allowed a table included the Vegan Teahouse, Libertarian Socialist project (lol!), anti Coal Seam Gas stalls, and Take Care zine project, amongst many others who are not explicitly anarchist whatsoever.

You will find below the unaltered emails, to make sure we don’t get misrepresented as we have in the past. Most of our friends were puzzled but you can read it for yourself. It is their bookfair, and they have the right to deny us a table due to our literature and our green anarchist influences. But we too reserve our right to complain about it and speak out against it.

When we get a chance we will put up pdf’s of the zines we were going to have, so you can see whether they are really worth all the fuss. It doesn’t matter so much though, as soon as we said we were anti civ they didn’t want us around. We were denied a voice, and you could be next. We consider this refusal with no real explanation a directly authoritarian response. As usual, there is no statement why. The person or people who didn’t want our stall there failed to correspond with us and hid behind the collective. Some of us were there at the bookfair and tried to talk about it, but they weren’t around, apparently.

This episode amused us, but drives home the point that leftism including anarcho-leftism remains our greatest nemesis and obstacle to getting somewhere. The average person on the street is becoming more and more troubled by the problem of civilisation, and seems to be rejecting mass society and becoming increasing burnt out. As this is happening, supposedly anarchist subcultures and ‘revolutionaries’ want nothing more than to chase their tail and blether on about the same old reformist issues at their increasingly irrelevant bookfairs and infoshops. In a way, it makes perfect sense that we were refused, because we are focused on the totality of civilisation and want it all to go.

Please let us know if you have any opinion on this by writing to Only a few individuals and no group has showed any support for us so far.

For the wild ones,

FD Collective

P.S. We are pretty sick of writing these sort of posts about stuff we don’t like,but we see it as necessary this time around. We are in the process of putting up the zines and some other material which we are actually enthusiastic about! And making the site look a bit better!

Here’s the emails, the bold text is our only addition….



We are interested in having a stall.

Our website is but its a bit out of date… We are interested in anti-civ and green anarchist ideas… How much would it be? We have no $$$ at all and are just gonna print off some zines and sell them to cover the cost of printing them out. Hope the organising is going well for you! Good luck.



I emailed before. Can you please let us know if we can have a stall at the bookfair or not. Thanks

Hi, Sorry for the late reply. I passed on your stall request to the organising committee, although the deadline had passed for stall bookings. There was much lengthy debate among the group as to offering you as stall as there was a strong division between group members that are strongly against anti-civ politics and members that are if not either sympathetic to the ideas or sympathetic to inclusion in the anarchist scene. This is the main reason for the late reply. 

Unfortunately a consensus couldn’t be reached and as we work on consensus decision making principles, with no consensus reached we have to default to the negative position, and not offer you a stall this time. Beyond divisions over questions of politics, the final question came down to adhering to the booking deadline we had set ourselves and lacking the means to offer a free stall as stall fee pay for much of the event, including hall hire.


I’m really sorry about this, but we do encourage you to get in touch in good time for next years bookfair about booking a stall as the collective will no doubt be made of different members with different views. In the mean time we are happy for you to pass on your materials to any groups you know and work with that may be happy to display your materials at this years bookfair.




Sydney Anarchist Bookfair Collective



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