fiercedreams 2014 flier

‘Only when civilization is destroyed will life (human or non human) flourish freely for the sake of its own needs, desires and aims. A genuine resistance must display qualities reflecting a free society, such as mutual affinity, personal autonomy, free association and a small organisational scale. This struggle is not guaranteed or even likely to succeed. However, resistance is an acknowledgement that civilization is the enemy, and the very act embodies the reclamation of its life for oneself’
‘ Our enemy – Civilization’

We are excited to put forward the call out for this year’s Fierce Dreams Gathering which will be in mid- November. We are committed, in the interests of continuity and to have an annual green anarchist focused event, to have it in the Springtime each year but the location will always be open for discussion. If you are interested or will be coming please email us as we would love to know and might be able to help you out somehow. This time around it will be in Tasmania so we thought it wise to leave it until later when it might be warming up… at least a little bit…maybe?!

Last year the collective who arranged this gathering were attempting to start a conversation about green anarchy, a dialogue about the problem of civilisation. This year we feel as if this approach is pointless. The end result was that folks who are already against civilisation felt frustrated, because they could not take it further. Others were expecting an explanation of basic anti-civ ideas, and had not read or thought about this topic much in the preceding months. This time around we will simplify it a lot more, and the gathering will be a camp where we get to be away from mass society for a few days and work on some skills, and just enjoying being outside together. This list of skills is expansive, and is not limited to a generic, stereotyped list of ‘primitive skills’ (see the article below ‘Reclaiming Primitivism’ for what we mean by this). We will not be facilitating or deliberately timetabling any open public discussions, but of course people could try to do this if they want. Some of us feel as if these discussions happen more naturally around the fire or amongst friends who have met more informally.

We ask, as we did last year, that if you are attending please contribute something. This can come in the form of a good attitude, enthusiasm and energy, some kind of practical skill to share, or a general disdain for civilisation. Any of these are welcome.

Please do not bring:
A too-cool attitude and blank looks. If you aren’t interested in what this is about, just stay at home.  Don’t come just cause your friends did, or because you have nothing better to do (these are two actual, stated reasons that we got repeatedly from attendees last year. Ha!)
Bottles of alcohol. Last year we mentioned that we didn’t want alcohol or drugs at Fierce Dreams, this year we are making it crystal clear. If you bring booze it will be considered personal antagonism and will be reacted to accordingly. If you can’t refrain from drinking, or are an alcoholic, get in touch with us way ahead of time to try to sort something out. The priority goes to folks who want it alcohol free. Last year there were families and many non-drinkers who felt as if they had to move away from the communal area thanks to a few who just had to drink. If you want to smoke cigarettes or other things please move far away from other people. This is a pretty standard request.
A confrontational approach. This is a space for explorations of green anarchy, anarchoprimitivism, resistance to civilisation, and rewilding. Not yet another place where we are forced to defend ourselves and our critiques and waste the whole weekend doing so, to people who have no idea what we are on about. If you really want to have a debate, write a response or a piece and we can have a dialogue on this website. People love talking shit on the internet, or after a few drinks, but writing something decent is a lot more difficult. Make it a public piece, on the record we are sick of slaying people in emails because it is a waste of our precious time and some of our best material. Please don’t turn up to this event with a half-baked apology for civilisation and technology, we will ignore you.
A political affiliation or activist agenda.
We don’t need to be educated about the ‘correct’ way to struggle and resist. So please leave those brochures and rants at home too. We as anti-civilisation green anarchists and anarchoprimitivists have our own ideas already. That is, a complete dismantling of civilisation, by whichever means are at one’s disposal. This includes decivilising our minds, bodies and communities. Yes, we realise this may take generations. Let’s start now!

Returning to our original point, we are taking a step back from organising this event. We are critical of organisationalism, powertripping collectives, hierarchy and bureaucracy. So we are going to let it take shape on its own. There will be no timeline. There will be no timetable of events and entertainment. There will be no ‘traditional primitive skills’ expert who will teach you everything you need to survive in the ‘wild’. The only structure/framework will be the morning circle where people can mention logistical things around the camp; and if they want to do any adventures or skill sharing workshops. The other guidelines which we have mentioned come under the banner of ‘basic respect’ so if you think that is over-organising things we disagree.

We won’t take responsibility or blame or credit for what unfolds, we just hope a few folks will turn up to hang out around the fire. It will be up to all of us to make it worthwhile! If you don’t like the sound of this gathering – don’t come! Please don’t send us emails saying that we need a more detailed safer spaces policy, or that we are accountable to some sort of fictional anarchist community, or that we are not spending enough time examining our privilege in the lead up. The people who are involved in this thing simply don’t have the time and energy to expend on hashing that out over email so if you don’t like the sound of Fierce Dreams just give it a miss. This gathering will have the focal point of anarchy and life without civilisation, so let the cards fall where they may….

Here is the full callout, mostly the same as last year.

Fierce Dreams is a 3 day gathering that will be occurring from November 14th to 18th 2013 somewhere not too far from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. The exact location will be decided closer to the date and published on this site. This event will be a green anarchist/anti-civilisation encampment aimed at breaking down the barrier civilisation puts between us all. Over the course of the gathering we hope to explore the wilderness around us and the wildness within ourselves. Through organising this event we hope to build stronger connections based on anti-civilisation theory, green anarchist philosophy and the practice of rewilding. As anarchists, we oppose domination and oppression against humans, nonhumans and the earth. We recognise the hierarchical nature and destructiveness inherent in civilised culture and wish to see its permanent end as soon as possible.

Our focus will be on methods to resist control in our everyday lives. We want to reduce our dependency on civ, and discuss possibilities for rewilding, no matter where you choose to live (urban, remote or in between). Together we will talk, weave, play music, gather, make fires, play games and explore ideas relating to a vision of life beyond mass society. We will work to undo the domestication that civilisation has strongly conditioned us to believe as ‘normal’. We aim to forge links between those of us who will not accept the damage inflicted by mass society and the empty promises of technology.


We encourage anyone wishing to facilitate a discussion or hold a workshop to get in touch with their ideas. Some possibilities for workshops that people might like to be involved in or host are: Parenting Against the Megamachine, Intro to Green Anarchy, Rewilding, Ecofeminism, Resistance To Civilisation, Plant Walks, Weaving, Healing from Civilisation, Firemaking, Star Gazing, Self Defence and The Defence of the Wild but are not limited to these suggestions. We hope that this will be a great opportunity to explore some of these concepts, so if you are interested in facilitating please get in touch!

Our vision is to have a less formally structured event, rather than an extravaganza filled with back-to-back workshops on a tight schedule. This can sometimes be draining over the course of several days. We want to ensure there is plenty of time for informal chats, looking at clouds, reading, making cordage, foraging, songs round the fire, or whatever you like to do. Those who want to engage in more serious dialogue or focus strongly on learning skills for the entire time can do so but heavy involvement will not be a requirement of attendance. What we are saying is that if you have had enough of sitting, talking or concentrating, feel free to quietly wander off!

This is not a rigidly planned or structured event. Workshops and discussions will be planned day to day and like the wilderness that inspires us it will ever be in flux and somewhat unpredictable. We aim for less control and mediation in our already heavily controlled and mediated lives.


We are also looking for people who have skills in mediation, conflict resolution, any type of medic training, skills in workshop facilitation or anyone who is willing to help during the camp out with day to day procedures like digging latrines and bringing in supplies. We also need all people who attend to help in making this as safe, positive and productive space as possible.

This is a completely free, non-commercial, and informal gathering. We are operating on 100% volunteer effort, a $0 budget and scavenged or liberated supplies. This is a child friendly, queer friendly and trans positive event.


  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Medics
  • Child care
  • Workshop facilitation

If you have any of these skills in particular we would really appreciate your assistance so please get in touch and let us know you will be coming.


A map will be produced and put up on the site sooner to the date. It will be a several kilometre walk in and you will need to be self-sufficient in terms of food, shelter and water (although some water can be purified and used at the site, it’s a good idea to have your own too).


This area, like the rest of Australia, is under occupation by colonising forces. We acknowledge this and support Aboriginal efforts toward their own liberation. We respect the original inhabitants of this area and invite the traditional owners of this area and the wider Aboriginal community to participate in the gathering. When the final site is determined we will be approaching the appropriate groups to let them know of our intentions with this gathering. We will accept any advice they have with regard to holding this event on their land.


We ask people to please be aware of security culture. (There is a reading regarding responsible security culture at the end of this page). There are many different approaches to resistance and many different tactics that people may use to fight the megamachine. Please use common sense when talking about these tactics and always keep discussions hypothetical. We are not putting any conversation ‘off limits’ or manufacturing paranoia, simply advising people to be careful, be sensible, and speak in general terms. The authorities are always interested in information about resistance so although we want to talk freely about ideas we also want to be aware that they may infiltrate events like this to gain info. Never mention or ask another person about specifics of actions or events, or mention any names of people involved.

The collective will strive to select sites with maximum accessibility in the context of a wilderness area. Due to the nature of these areas being wild places with rocky trails, hills, possible steep inclines or declines which are beyond our control (or desire to control for that matter), people with differing abilities may have trouble accessing the gathering. We will make every effort to help people with differing abilities in getting themselves and their gear into the camp. This includes physical and psychological barriers to attending. Please get in touch with your specific requirements and we will do what we can to help you be a part of Fierce Dreams.


Those who, deliberately or unwittingly, focus on scene politics and attack other peoples’ beliefs will not be welcome. We would like to foster an atmosphere of acceptance in our relationships with each other. There is plenty of room for discussing different ideas but “deathing/blanking” others (deliberately shunning someone and not telling them why), talking over other people, dominating group conversations or spaces, and generally disrespecting people is not acceptable behaviour. Mediators will be available if people need assistance in dealing with conflicts or have any issues during the festival. “The scene”, whether it be anarchist, punk or activist has real potential to split and thwart efforts to bring people together and build strong connections with each other in our resistance to civ. “The scene” often becomes insular and city-centric and therefore becomes exclusive to those outside of it. We ask that people leave this scene baggage behind and be welcoming to all people at the gathering. In the resistance to civ many people chose to live outside of the city or within the city but outside of “the scene”. Just because you don’t know someone doesn’t mean they don’t have something to offer.

Please do not make assumptions about an individual’s gender, and if you feel unsure, do not be afraid to ask what someone’s preferred gender pronoun is. If you use the incorrect gender pronoun, you will be corrected, but it is not something to be ashamed of. We have all been raised within a gender binary culture and breaking free of these false binaries is a process of learning and growing for all. It is also appropriate to introduce your preferred gender pronoun when first introducing yourself to new people, if you feel the desire.

Respect and appreciate others’ personal space, boundaries, and autonomy. We do not believe a Safer Spaces Policy will keep us safe or make people accountable, so we do not have this ‘code of conduct’ with which folks should abide by. We trust that conflicts must be sorted out by the parties involved and their immediate community, those they know and trust, and not by a mediating power that does not know them or an organising collective. We support people to stand up for themselves any time they feel disrespected and respond in the way they see as appropriate to resolve the conflict and move forward.


We seek to create a temporary autonomous zone which functions as an egalitarian community. In this spirit of cooperation and mutual aid, we request that people attending the gathering put their hand up for work shifts such as cooking meals, cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes after meals, digging latrines, doing supply/water runs, security & welcoming, etc.

We ask that people establish communal fires within the gathering and refrain from making personal fires. A communal latrine will also be constructed and we ask that people refrain from digging personal poop holes. This will minimize our overall impact on the land.

Please respect others. For safety reasons, we request total sobriety when attending workshops and trainings.


Personal items:

• tent
• sleeping bag
• hammocks
• food & water
• water filter (suggested)
• toilet paper
• adequate clothing for hot days, cold nights, rain, etc.
• your own bowl, cup, utensils, etc.
• flashlight/headlamp & extra batteries
• sunscreen and bug repellent if you use it
• swimsuit & towel
• musical instruments
• your knowledge, wisdom, and skills

• your friends!


(please get in touch if you have any of these)

• tools (like shovels for digging shitters and hatchets/axes/saws for cutting up fire wood)
• food and water
• kitchen gear (large pots, pans, water containers, etc.)
• extra tents
• tarps and rope
• hammocks.
• First Aid gear!
• random primitive skills supplies (you know better than we do!)
• radical environmental, primitive, and rewilding literature
• local plant and animal identification guides, etc.
• local topographical maps
• your knowledge, wisdom, and skills
• your friends!

Things NOT to bring:

• Weapons (there’s a difference between a TOOL and a WEAPON)
• parasitic or predatory human beings
• a bad attitude
• law enforcement eg. police


*Lines in the sand

*Anarchy Primer

*Green Anarchy Back to Basics – Rewilding

*Pieces of Self

*Betrayal – A Critical Analysis of Rape Culture in Anarchist Subcultures –

*Accounting for Ourselves –

*Earth First Anti Oppression Policy –

*Not My Vision of Liberation –



  1. We are so inspired by Fierce Dreams and appreciate all the work of the collective. We are sad we won’t be able to make it this year but continue to be inspired by the knowledge that you are all out there doing great things. xxxx love from your old pals in the green booth

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