Thanks to the folks who have been in touch letting us know they will be coming and offering enthusiasm for this event.

If you need help getting here, please post below and leave your details so people will be able to get in touch. We will approve these comments as soon as possible because it’s getting close (!).

Just remember that it is Tasmania, it’s remote, it is a bit harder for some folks to get around and maybe people won’t be able to have a car down here. So help out if you have car spaces please, and assist others to get to the gathering.

For those who need a lift just remember cars are expensive and help out with petrol money always.

In other news, the site is just under 1 and a half hours from Hobart, not less than an hour as we had hoped. This is because we have found a great site, it has a lot of advantages, and we think it is a spot that has everything we will need and where we will be left alone, hopefully. It is the best option we have and we are psyched on the location.

Stay tuned for further updates, same as last year we will give directions a couple of days before the gathering. Make sure you bring clothes for all weather, enough food, and apart from that you don’t really need anything in particular..

Safe travels to you all!



  1. Planning to be at this event and will most likely need a lift or at least information on other ways to reach the campsite. Please get in touch via my email address if you can help. (definitely will contribute petrol money)

  2. Also needing a lift, or more information on how to get to the site. I will be in Hobart on the 13th and 14th. Able to pitch in with petrol money. (:

  3. I’ve got lots of free seats in my (eighties/somewhat unreliable) eight seater van and am looking for others to share the expense and the enthusiasm of the trip with me. Leaving from Castlemaine/Melbourne, and getting the Spirit of Tasmania across the straight. Alternatively if you have a more reliable car I’d love to get a lift with you! Please email me.

  4. Im leaving from hobart friday afternoon. i have seats for at least 2 people. if you want a ride email me. if the seats fill up i will update this notice. see ya there!

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