Holy smokes there’s only a week ’til Fierce Dreams. As we had promised, we are not very organised. We do have a great campsite though so it should be fine. The location is one and a half hours from Hobart, and as most people will be aware, in Tasmania it is inclined to rain. We would be REALLY lucky for it not to rain at all for 4 days, especially where we have chosen to do it, so be sure to be ready for that. This means having a tent with decent sealed seams, rain jackets, and waterproof footwear if possible, unless you are really hardcore and hell bent on just having a debris hut and bare feet. But don’t cry to us if you get cold (ha!). Most importantly, just be psychologically prepared for downpours,  so it doesn’t rain on our parade so to speak.

If it looks like it is going to bucket down for the whole time we are there, we do have a backup plan of a campground that is maybe not as ideal, but less chance of wet weather, in a completely different direction from Hobart. The weather in Tasmania is extremely variable so we will just play it by ear.

Apart from that, bring enough food for yourself, musical instruments, ideas, smiles, and projects and stuff to do.

Also be sure to have a glance at the callout again, and although we aren’t sticking to any kind of plan or blueprint, the vision for the gathering is laid out in there, we hope folks will approach Fierce Dreams with a positive mindset…

The directions will be posted very soon, on or around the 10th of November. Please check the rideshare board to see if you can help somebody out.




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