Our struggle is against civilisation itself. We stand in solidarity with those in other associated struggles. We see it as vital to understand the oppressions of others, but not at the expense of our liberation. We can only work together if our ideas of liberation are connected.

The very essence of this gathering is about creating safer spaces for all including the non human beings of this earth. We believe that civilisation, domestication and mass society are the root causes of the oppression that makes this world unsafe. By supporting an end to civilisation we are trying to create the safest space that we can imagine, one without domination and hierarchy.

All people, whatever our backgrounds, are survivors of the destructive system of civilisation. This includes the non humans of this world and the Earth herself. We may be survivors of colonisation, genocide, displacement, racism, sexism, sexual/physical/mental abuse, ableism, homophobia or surviving our own socialisation as a domesticated, dependent and dysfunctional human being. It makes individual struggles no less important and we must confront these issues in our lives. We also need to recognise they are part of a greater system of hierarchy and domination; and our communities, no matter how radical, are not immune to adopting the same oppressive behaviours of the system we oppose. We are cautious about adopting previously used anarchist policies and using the same rhetoric as other anarchist collectives simply because they have been used before. This green anarchist gathering is the first of its kind in ausfailure as far as we know. Our philosophies are not necessarily the same as the general anarchist population (or even the same as all green anarchists philosophies) so we are not going to adopt the same approach and procedures if they do not reflect our beliefs, just because that is what has been used previously.

We also have a critique of anti-oppression politics and see their limitations, their power to silence, and destructiveness. We have seen friends attacked, isolated and disempowered through the guise of confronting oppression. It can degenerate into moralising, instilling guilt, and creating a hierarchy of oppression.

We are antiauthoritarian anarchists. We believe in autonomy, and non-hierarchical decision making. We have a strong critique of politics and ideology and the left. We are opposed to our everyday situation of heavily mediated experiences and repression. We are against prescribing or micro monitoring peoples’ behaviour, but realise we do need a document that explains what is acceptable and what is not. We have tried to balance these feelings.

We have serious reservations about using many of the more recent ‘safer spaces’ policies. We feel that these policies would derail the purpose of our gathering, which is our collective and individual liberation. The chance of scumbags ignoring the safer spaces policy and turning up anyway is always there too. This is a public event and we will not know every person coming, so we advocate the essential principles of trust and affinity with those who you are friends with. We are for decentralisation of power and believe in the ‘cell’ structure where one has small groups of friends who share similar philosophies.

We certainly do not consider ourselves an authority regarding green anarchy, but we are seeking to fill the gap that currently exists. We are just a few people with a serious disdain for civilisation, going on a glorified camping trip in the Blue Mountains. We are not, and do not want to be, part of any scene, movement, or organisation and we are accountable only for the actions and behaviours of ourselves. If you attend this event, you are Fierce Dreams, and you are responsible for yourself and your actions. We are a small collective who cannot do everything ourselves, nor do we want to. We need true community and communal responsibility.  We ask that you attend with an open mind and heart.

Articles that have influenced this blog post:

Betrayal – A Critical Analysis of Rape Culture in Anarchist Subcultures –

Accounting for Ourselves –

Theses on Identity Politics –

Not My Vision of Liberation –


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