Photo by Lilly

Hi folks thanks for your patience.

We have decided on this location, and will go ahead with it. It will almost certainly rain at some stage tomorrow, but the rain is predicted for all over Tasmania so it makes no difference. The weather is expected to be a  bit better by Saturday, so fingers crossed, but we will deal with it either way. We have a big tarp as well, but if you have another one bring it along. One more thing to remember is that this campsite actually will be very close to the cars so you won’t really be stuck there out in the freezing rain and cold, if it comes to that..

We will be checking the email account tonight and tomorrow morning but then after that we will just be out there and out of range.

The idea is to get there by Friday evening, on the 14th, and have the first circle and meet eachother that night.

So there is no hurry to get there before Friday afternoon..

If you see some dry wood… grab it and we can stash it there is a little shelter thing!

Here it goes, these are the directions.

Turn right onto Arve Rd at Geeveston.

Follow that until you turn left onto Arve Rd.

Follow for about 20 minutes then turn left onto Picton Rd.

Follow for about 1km then take the left fork onto East Picton Rd

Follow to the end about 7 minutes down the road.

There is an old blocked off bridge, this is where we will be setting up!

We are getting excited, safe travels to those who are on their way, and just keep an eye on this website!

Any questions to






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